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Why English Matters
POR RRHH Digital, 00:21 - 08 de Junio del 2018

Capman wants to present you the new website developed by ETS. It is called Why English Matters, this new website is based in content that seeks to create awareness about the important role that English occupies in global economy.

It includes some videos with English interviews with human resources directors. Also, some research articles and news on the impact of communication in English for the international workforce.


For SYKES, strong English skills lead to strong customer relationships.

Now more than ever, companies and organizations are expanding globally and rapidly off-shoring services. SYKES, a global business-process outsourcing leader, supports Fortune 1000 companies by providing customer service and technical support.

With over 46,000 employees working in 70+ global call centers, SYKES acts as an extension of its clients and helps build loyalty to each company’s brand. SYKES has learned that brand loyalty is built on trust. Good communication between a call center agent and a customer can help strengthen trust, while miscommunication can potentially damage it.

SYKES made English a priority and set proficiency requirements for employee recruitment and advancement, as well as established ongoing training initiatives. With a diverse client roster and service offering, SYKES seized the opportunity to tailor its English training by account. For financial clients, SYKES ensures agents can speak clearly and confidently, especially in a high-stakes environment like the escalation queue. For technical support, where communication is typically through chat or email, the focus shifts to grammar. By understanding the unique English needs of clients, SYKES can continue to be an added value.

For SYKES, English is their business and their key to growth:

  • An English-only environment reinforces oral, verbal, and written proficiency of employees.
  • English training helps call center agents meet evolving client needs.
  • Strong English communication skills enable positive customer interactions with clients’ brands.

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