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From A to Z – Idioms and slang Part V
POR RRHH Digital, 00:07 - 07 de Mayo del 2014

Some uncommon expressions in English with common meanings and some examples:

1.Inside out: with the inner port on the outside and the outer port on the inside, OR when you are very knowledgeable about something.
-Why are you wearing your tee shirt inside out?
-I know this book inside out; I've read it about 50 times.

2.Jump the gun: do something before it's time to do it.
-"How did Marsha know about the party? It was supposed to be a surprise."
B: "Chuck jumped the gun. Without thinking, he said, I’m bringing the cake to your party; I hope you like it!"

3.Keep one's fingers crossed: hope for the best.
-A: "How did you do on the test?"
B: "I think i passed, but I won't know until tomorrow.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!”

4.To kid (verb): playfully say something that isn't true.
-I was kidding when I said f was 27. I'm actually 26.

5.A know-(it)-all: someone who acts as if he/she knows everything—as if no one can tell him/her anything that he/she doesn't already know.
-"Don't try to make any suggestions to Bob. He's a know-(it)-all and won't pay attention to anything you say."

6.A let-down: a disappointment; something that’s very disappointing
-"It must've been quite a let-down not to be chosen for that job. I know you really hoped you would get it."

7.Let sleeping dogs lie: Don't cause problems by doing something when it isn't necessary.
-I know that what Julie said made you angry, but let sleeping dogs lie. If you say or do anything, you'll only make things worse."

8.Live and let live: don't unnecessarily make things difficult; do as you wish and let others do as they wish.
- I’m not going to criticize Alice's family just because their habits are a little strange. My motto is 'live and let live.

9.To have it large: to go out with friends in the city, get drunk and have fun.
-I'm going to have it large tonight to celebrate my graduation.

10.Nosh: snack.
- There's plenty in the refrigerator if you want something to nosh on."

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