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From A to Z – Idioms and slang Part IV
POR RRHH Digital, 00:06 - 06 de Mayo del 2014

Some uncommon expressions in English with common meanings and some examples:
1. Get up and go: energy/ motivation.
-I'm really tired. I don't have any get up and go.

2. Give someone a hand: applaud (to show respect or appreciation for someone / something).
-What a great performance by the young artist. Let's give him a hand!

3. A (real) go-getter: a (very) ambitious, hard-working Person.
- John finished before anyone else. He's definitely a real go-getter.

4. Grab a bite: get something to eat
-I’m really hungry. Would you like to grab a bite with me?"

5. Hassle (noun): a troublesome situation; something troublesome that interrupts one's normal routine.
-I know it's a hassle filling in this form, but Mr. Rogers needs it urgently.

6. No hard feelings: anger; animosity; bitter feelings
-A: I'm sorry that Jim got the job instead of you."
B: I have no hard feelings toward him; I know that he had stronger qualifications."

7. Hassle (verb): annoy, bother, interrupt one's normal routine.
-If you'd stop hassling me, I might get this finished on time!

8. Hit the books: study.
-I wish I could go to the movies, but I've got to hit the books.

9. Hit the hay / hit the sack/ crash out: go to bed; go to sleep.
- It's late, so I'm going to hit the hay/ sack/ crash out.

10. In over one's head: in a situation that is too difficult for one to manage.
-Could you help me? I’m in over my head. I just can’t handle things alone.

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