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From A to Z – Idioms and slang Part II
POR RRHH Digital, 00:08 - 30 de Abril del 2014

Some uncommon expressions in English with common meanings and some examples:

1.    Blow one’s top: Become extremely angry.
-    A: Was your father upset when you came home at 3 AM? B: He was more than upset. He blew his top!

2.    The bottom line: The most essential information.
-    The meeting lasted many hours. The bottom line was the XYZ Company isn’t for sale.

3.    Break a leg: Good luck!
-    I understand you have a job interview tomorrow. Break a leg!

4.    A bundle: Lot of money.
-    Your new car is really nice. – It should be. It cost me a bundle!

5.    Burn the midnight oil: Study / work all night or until very, very late at night.
-    I’m not ready for the test tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to burn the midnight oil.

6.    By the skin of one’s teeth: barely succeed in doing something.
-    I’ll have to start earlier the next time. This time I only finished by the skin of my teeth.

7.    Can’t make heads or tails of something: Can’t understand something at all, find something confusing and illogical.-    I can’t made heads or tails of your email. Were you having problems with your computer?

8.    Chop chop: Hurry up.

-    Come on, chop chop, pack your bag. The train leaves in an hour.

9.    Couch Potato: Someone who spends too much time watching TV.
-    You’re a real couch potato, Jay. You need to get more exercise!

10.    Cram: Try to learn as much as possible in a very short time.
-    Sidney did well on the test because he crammed for it.

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