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Phrasal Verbs Part III
POR RRHH Digital, 00:07 - 25 de Abril del 2014

Learning phrasal Verbs in English is tricky and often frustrating. It is essential; however, that you try and learn as many possible meanings and their uses, as English natives will rarely use anything else.

1.    Talk into: Convencer
2.    Talk out of: Convencer de lo contrario
3.    Mix up: Liarse
4.    Keep up: Seguir el ritmo
5.    Catch up: Alcanzarse
6.    Lean on: Apoyar
7.    Hear out: Escuchar hasta el final
8.    Help out: Echar una mano
9.    Get rid of: Deshacerse de
10.    Bring out the best in…: Sacar lo mejor
11.    Turn down: Rechazar
12.    Take after: Parecerse (forma de ser)
13.    Take down: Descolgar
14.    Take apart: Desmontar
15.    Write down: Apuntar
16.    Go on talking: Seguir
17.    Get on / along: Llevarse bien con alguien


1.    Have you ever talk someone into running a marathon?
2.    He talked me out of doing the marathon as I hadn’t done enough training.
3.    You have obviously mixed up the dates. The game was yesterday not today.
4.    You drink very quickly. I can’t keep up with you, especially pints.
5.    The cyclist had started badly. He had a lot of work to do to catch up with the peloton.
6.    Don’t lean on in that table, it’s broken.
7.    He was so angry with me he didn’t hear me out. I still had to explain him what really happened.
8.    Have you ever helped a friend out when moving home?
9.    I had had the shoes for ages and I didn’t like them anymore. I decided to get rid of them.
10.    He is a greater motivator. He can bring out the best in everyone, especially when you have little motivation.
11.    I decided to turn the offer down and wait until next year for another opportunity.
12.    People who know me say I take after my Dad more due to my sarcastic and dry sense of humor.
13.    Now that I am 33 I think I should take my Star Wars posters down. The problem is I love them and they cost me a lot of money.
14.    The garage said they would have to take the whole engine apart to find the problem.
15.    I usually write down things that are really important so I don’t forget them.
16.    She went on talking for hours despite the fact that no one was listening to her.
17.    I try my best to get on / get along with as many people as I can but it’s not always easy.

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