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Phrasal Verbs Part II
POR RRHH Digital, 00:06 - 24 de Abril del 2014

Learning phrasal Verbs in English is tricky and oft en frustrating. It is essential; however, that you try and learn as many possible meanings and their uses, as English natives will rarely use anything else.

1. Blow out: Apagar.
2. Show up / Turn up: Presentarse.
3. Call of: Cancelar.
4. Go on to: Pasar.
5. Bump into: Encontrarse (casualmente).
6. To make up (an excuse): Inventar.
7. Let down: Defraudar.
8. Leave out: Omitir.
9. Put away: Guardar.
10. Give out: Distribuir.
11. Get over: Superar.
12. Break down (figures): Desglosar.
13. Blow up (balloon): Inflar.
14. Pick out: Eligir.
15. Let out: Dejar escapar.
16. Settle down: Calmarse.
17. Pass away: Fallecer.
18. Pass out: Quedarse sin sentido.
19. Show off: Presumir.
20. Drop out: Dejar.

1. Don’t forget to blow the candles out before you leave. The last thing I need in this house is a fire.

2. No one showed up / turned up last week for classes. I think they went on a business trip.

3. She discovered he had had an affair so she called the wedding off.

4. When you’ve done that exercise just go on to the next one.

5. I bumped into an old university friend in the city yesterday. He hasn’t changed a bit in 10 years.

6. He always makes up stupid excuses why he doesn’t do his homework.

7. He let me down last week and again this week. If he lets me down again he’ll soon know I am not happy with his attitude.

8. I would leave out that last comment at the end of that email. It just isn’t needed and he might be offended.

9. I usually put the food away in the fridge as soon as I get home from shopping.

10. When I was 15, I used to give out leaflets to earn some extra money on weekends.

11. It took me a couple of years to get over my last relationship. It was difficult.

12. Can you break the figures of the invoice down, please? I need to send a clear copy to Brussels.

13. Can you help me blow up these balloons for the kid’s party?

14. It was my birthday and my mum said I could pick out any t-shirt I wanted.

15. The prisoner persuaded the warden to let him out.

16. He finally settled down, got married and had kids. He lives in the center of Madrid now.

17. My Grandmother had suffered for a long time but passed away, peacefully, in the night.

18. I hit my head quite badly. I think I passed out from the shock and pain.

19. Did you see him yesterday? He was showing off with a new girlfriend and a red Ferrari.

20. I dropped out of college when I was 16 and started working with my father.

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