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In the B1 level the learner must be able to combine verb chains (V+V) in the correct way. To be able to do so it is important to remember that depending on the first verb, the second one will be used in the infinitive or the gerund form. To show you have a sound B1 level, you must master the following rules:

• Infinitive and Gerund form of the verbs:

The infinitive is the ‘to’ form of the verb. Examples: to do, to work, to drive. The gerund is a noun made from a verb by adding –ing. Examples: doing, working, driving. That is why gerunds follow prepositions in many common expressions and after phrasal verbs. Example: I’m thinking of visiting the States next year. They are interested in studying French. You carry on doing his work.  I’m looking forward to seeing you. She gave up smoking.

• V + infinitive:

Certain verbs are followed by infinitives and not by gerunds. For your
reference, here is a list of the most common ones:


I agree to do the presentation if you prepare the survey.
They can’t afford to buy a new car, but they chose to do it anyway.
He manages to convince people quite easily.
During the negotiation you promised to reduce the costs in 5%

• V + gerund:
Certain verbs are followed by gerunds and not by infinitives. The most
common ones are:
avoid can’t help delay deny
dislike enjoy finish hate
like love risk suggest


When I finished writing the composition, she suggested changing the
I really enjoy drinking coffee, but I hate preparing it.
We cannot risk losing more sales in that city. We’ll delay increasing
the prices.
She loves reading and I can’t help buying new books for her in any

• V + infinitive or gerund:

Certain verbs can be followed by gerunds or infinitives, but their meaning changes. The most common ones are:

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