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C1 - Future time part 2
POR RRHH Digital, 00:06 - 05 de Noviembre del 2013

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• Use of WILL:
• Predictions of known facts or what we suppose is true:
I will be late home this evening.
The company will make a profit next year.
• Assumptions, what I suppose is happening:
That will be Tom at the door.
• Immediate decisions made in the moment of speaking:
I will give you a lift home.


• Event that will be happening at a future point:
Come home in the morning. I will be painting the bedroom.
• A more polite form than will:
Will you be going to the shop later? I need some milk.
• Fixed arrangements and plans:
This speaker will be giving the opening address at our conference next Monday.

• Use of FUTURE PERFECT simple or continuous:

• Refers to a time which we look back at from a future point (past in the future):
In one year’s time I will have finished the book.
By the end of the week, I will have been working for this firm a year.
• Express an assumption on the part of the speaker:
You won’t have heard the news, of course. (I assume you have not heard the news).

• Other future references:

• Hope followed by either the present or the future:
I hope it doesn’t rain. I hope it won’t rain.
• Verbs of thought + will with a future reference (Think, believe, expect, doubt):
I expect the train will be late. I doubt whether United will
• Shall for first person is declining in use versus will especially in informal speech.

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