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C1 GRAMMAR BANK: Present Continuos
POR RRHH Digital, 00:06 - 18 de Octubre del 2013

Recursos Humanos RRHH Digital You use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS to talk about:
• An action which is happening at the moment, in progress.
Right now she is trying to park the car.
The dog is sleeping in the kitchen!
• An action or state which is temporary.
He is sleeping in a Hotel until he finds a flat.
I am living in Italy at present.
• Repeated actions.
My car has broken down, so I’m walking to work these days.
• An action generally in progress but not actually happening at the moment.
I’m learning to drive.
• To give background information.
As we walk into the school, all the children are playing in the playground.
Before starting the match, everybody is shouting.
• With verbs describing change and development.
The weather is getting better!
More and more people are giving up smoking.
• To criticize behavior with always, constantly, continually.
He’s always watching the football on TV.
She is constantly telling me what to do.
Different Stative and Active meanings:
Some verbs have a Stative meaning (tenses in the Simple form) and a different Active
meaning (tenses in the Continuous form). They are:

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