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Opening a meeting
POR RRHH Digital, 00:03 | 23 de Enero del 2018
Opening a meeting

RRHH Digital. An effective workplace meeting relies upon a well-planned structure and the group of people having a clear understanding of the purpose of the meeting. Well-conducted meetings should take minimum time to achieve its objectives and satisfy all participants adding value to the whole organization.


Stating the main Objective of a meeting:

•    Were here today to…
•    Our aim is to…
•    Ive called this meeting in order to…
•    By the end of this meeting, Id like to have…
Reading the Minutes (notes) of the last meeting:

•    First lets go over the report from the last meeting, which was held on (date)
•    Here are the minutes from our last meeting, which was on (date)

Dealing with recent developments:

•    (name of person), can you tell us how the “X” project is progressing?
•    (name of person), how is the “X” project coming along?

Moving forward:

•    So, if theres nothing else we need to discuss, lets move on to todays agenda.
•    Shall we get down to business?
•    If there are no further developments, Id like to move on to todays topic.

Introducing the Agenda:

•    Have you all received a copy of the agenda?
•    There are three items on the agenda. First, …

Introducing the first item on the Agenda:

•    So, lets start with…
•    Shall we start with…
•    So, the first item on the agenda is…

Next item:

•    If nobody has anything to add, lets move on...
•    The next item on the agenda is…

Summarizing and finishing up:

•    Before we close, let me just wrap up the main points…
•    To sum up…
•    Is everyone clear with what has been discussed?
•    Right, it looks as though weve covered the main items

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