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Phrasal Verbs Part IV
POR RRHH Digital, 00:04 | 17 de Enero del 2018

Learning phrasal Verbs in English is tricky and often frustrating. It is essential; however, that you try and learn as many possible meanings and their uses, as English natives will rarely use anything else.

1.    Come down with something: Caer enfermo con
2.    Go off (Alarm clock): Sonar
3.    Go off (bomb): Estallar
4.    Go out (a fire): Apagarse (por si solo)
5.    Go on strike: Ponerse de huelga
6.    Come in handy: Resultar útil
7.    Back up: Respaldar
8.    Work it out: Solucionar
9.    Not work out: Fracasar
10.    Tear up: Romper
11.    See off: Despedir
12.    Use up: Consumir
13.    Give up: Dejar de
14.    Point out: señalar
15.    Put off: Posponer
16.    Tell Apart: Distinguir
17.    Drag on: No acabar


1.    Sorry, I don’t feel very well. I think I’m coming down with flu or something.
2.    During the week my alarm clock goes off at 6.45 a.m.
3.    The bomb went off destroying only a few cars. Luckily, no one was killed.
4.    How long do you think it takes for a fire to go out on its own?
5.    Recently, the whole transport department went on strike. I had to take taxis for three weeks.
6.    The post-it has been a clever little invention. They come in handy all the time to make quick notes.
7.    I know you don’t agree me Sir but I’m afraid my boss will also back me up.
8.    We have been arguing for months but I know we can work it out because we made a commitment.
9.    We tried and it didn’t work out. We are still very good friends, though.
10.    I read the letter she left but then I tore it up as I was so angry.
11.    We went to see my sister off at the airport. She was going to Australia live.
12.    Who’s used up all the toothpaste? I need to buy some more before I go to work.
13.    I gave up smoking three years ago. It was the best thing I ever did.
14.    He kindly pointed out that there was a mistake in the invoice.
15.    Because of the bad news we thought it was best to put the wedding off until next summer.
16.    I can’t tell those twins apart. Which one’s Bill and which one’s Ben?
17.    The meeting dragged on for hours, I never thought it was going to end.

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