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Questions you could ask at a job interview
POR RRHH Digital, 01:01 | 13 de Noviembre del 2017
Questions you could ask at a job interview

RRHH Digital. An interview is your opportunity to ask the potential employer as much as possible about the position and the company. When you do your research online, don’t be afraid to take notes and use them in the interview. This shows you are prepared, and diligent.

Some questions could be:

•    Can you describe a normal working week?

•    What time does the day start/ finish? This may differ depending on whether the company is Spanish owned, American, or by other European countries.

•    Will it be expected to do additional hours without pay, from time to time?

•    Is the work schedule different in the summer?

•    What is a typical day like in this job?This is how you discover exactly what the role entails and the duties & responsibilities. Often you will discover that there are certain duties inherent you had not thought of.

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