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Get organized!
POR RRHH Digital, 00:01 | 16 de Febrero del 2018
Get organized!

Prioritize and set goals! Make lists! Plan your actions and schedule your time!

 Learn to see the difference between urgent and important. What tasks lead you to your goals are of more importance than dealing with tasks that just come up and demand immediate attention. Make a note of the deadlines and this will enable you to put the tasks in order. Input all that data into a calendar where you can easily view the timelines that you have available, then you can determine how long each task will take you to accomplish. If you can’t see the wood for trees, break up large projects into small chunks. Everything is achievable if you do it bit by bit.
Get rid of the mental thought, `ll do that tomorrow’…do it today if you can! That glowing feeling you will get from ticking it off your list, is worth the extra effort.

You may need to change your work approach if you do have time limits. Make sure that the need to do that work perfectly is not a stumbling block to getting something done. Don’t panic if you do get behind schedule and learn to delegate.
So, in conclusion, are you of the opinion that a stitch in time saves nine or do you go along with Montgomery who said “Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted”? You decide but I say “Carpe diem” or as we say in plain English, Seize the day!

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