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Getting information from other people
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From the lecturer
We can sometimes ask a lecturer questions at the end of a lecture. Introduce each question in a polite or tentative way. Examples:

  • Could you go over the bit about systems theory again?
  • I didn't quite understand what you said about the hospitality industry.
  • I wonder if you could repeat the name of the researchers who reviewed the debate.
  • Would you mind giving the source of that quotation again?

From other students

It is a good idea to ask other students after a lecture for information to complete your notes. Examples:

  • What did the lecturer say about management information systems?
  • Why did he tell that story about the restaurant?
  • I didn't get the bit about the technical infrastructure.

Be polite!

It sometimes sounds impolite to ask people a direct question. We often add a polite introduction. Examples:

  • Has food science anything to do with hospitality?


  • Do you know if food science has anything to do with hospitality?


  • What does ‘normative’ mean?


  • Can you remember what 'normative' means?

Reporting information to other people
We often have to report research findings to a tutor or other students in a seminar. Make sure you can give:

  • Sources - books, articles, writers, publication dates
  • Quotes - in the writer's own words
  • Summary findings - in your own words


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