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Business Expressions and its real meaning - Part 2
POR RRHH Digital, 00:18 - 23 de Julio del 2014

Here you can find some useful expressions talking about different situations inside business.



Real Meaning


I think we should go for it

Let’s do it

Let's get down to business

Let’s begin

There's no point in beating about the bush

There’s no point in not coming to the main point

We need to take the bull by the horns

We need to address the issue


I'm in two minds about it

I can’t make up my mind

about it

It's up to you

It's your decision

She's sitting on the fence

She’s not committing herself to one side or another

We need to bite the bullet

We need to take a decision,

even if it's risk

We can't put it off any longer

We can’t delay making a


Making Predictions

It's a foregone conclusion

The result is obvious

It's all up in the air

There's no saying what will happen

They're bound to refuse

They’re certain to refuse


Let's not split hairs

Let's not debate unimportant details

That's beside the point

That's not relevant

Let's try to keep an open mind / Let's not jump to conclusions

Let’s not make a judgment too quickly


It's not really my cup of tea

It's not something I like

She's got everything in hand

She’s organized everything

I'm snowed under

I have far too much work

We're going round in circles

We're not making any


Make a breakthrough

Make a big step forward

Go back to the drawing board

Start again

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¿Qué importancia le das a los planes de beneficios a la hora de aceptar un trabajo?
El salario es lo más importante, no me importan los beneficios
Aunque el salario es un factor decisivo, los beneficios sociales pueden ayudarme en la decisión
Por igual, tengo en cuenta tanto el salario como los beneficios sociales
Los beneficios sociales se han convertido en un factor diferencial en la actualidad
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