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Business Expressions and its real meaning - Part 1

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POR RRHH Digital, 01:23 - 22 de Julio del 2014

Here you can find some useful expressions talking about different situations inside business.



Real Meaning


Sorry, I got cut off

Sorry, the line was disconnected

Can you speak up?

Can you speak more loudly?

I’m a bit tied up at the moment

I’m not available now


Be on schedule

Be as planned

It arrived just in time

It arrived before it was too late

Sorry to ask you at such short notice

Sorry to give you so little time to prepare

A short-sighted view

Only seeing the immediate benefits

Problems and Solutions

Tackle / address the problem

Deal with the problem

Find a stop-gap solution

Find a temporary solution

Cut corners

Reach a solution, usually quickly or easily, often by not observing correct practice

Nip it in the bud

stop a problem before it gets worse

Teething problems

problems always encountered in the early stages of a project


I couldn't make head or tail of it

I couldn’t understand it at all

His presentation went right over my head

His presentation was too difficult to understand

You'll get the hang of it

You’ll learn how it works

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