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From A to Z – Idioms and slang Part III
POR RRHH Digital, 00:04 - 05 de Mayo del 2014

Some uncommon expressions in English with common meanings and some examples:

1.    Crash course: Short course designed to give a lot of knowledge / information in a very short time.
-    I’m going to France next year; I think I should take a crash course in French to help me get by when I’m there.

2.    Down in the dumps: Depressed, blue.
-   A: It’s something wrong? B: Not really, but I feel kind of down in the dumps.

3.    Ear candy: popular and commercial music that is easy to listen to but intellectually unchallenging.

-    I guess that song’s OK but it’s just ear candy really, isn’t it?

4.    Eat humble pie: To make a humble apology and accept humiliation.

-    The Mayor of New York had to eat his humble pie when admitting to his sordid activities.

5.    Far-fetched: Difficult to accept, to believe.
-    That story’s pretty far-fetched. Nobody’s going to believe it.

6.    For ages / for beards: For a very long time.
-    Where’s Marie? I haven’t seen her for ages.

7.    Elbow grease: Hard work, effort.
-    Yes, the car is pretty dirty, but it’ll look nice again with a little elbow grease.

8.    Get a kick out of something: find something amusing / exciting.
-    I really get a kick out of listening to children talk. They say some very funny things.

9.    Get a move / wriggle on: hurry.
-    If you don’t want to be late, you’d better get a move / wriggle on.

10.    Get one’s wires crossed: Be confused or mistaken about something.
-    A: Bill said there was a meeting this morning. Don’t we have one? B: No. The meeting is tomorrow. I guess Bill got his wires crossed.

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