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From A to Z – Idioms and slang
POR RRHH Digital, 00:07 - 29 de Abril del 2014

Some uncommon expressions in English with common meanings and some examples:

1.    Ace: Make an “A” on a test, homework assignment, project…etc.

-    Somebody said you aced the test Dave. That’s great!

2.    Antsy: Restless, impatient and tired of waiting.

-    I hope Katy calls soon. Just sitting around and waiting is making me antsy.

3.    At the eleventh hour: At the last minute, almost too late.

-    Yes, I got the work done in time. I finished it at the eleventh hour.

4.    Be a piece of cake: Be very easy.

-    Bob said the test was difficult, but I thought it was a piece of cake.

5.    Be all ears: Be eager to hear what someone has to say.

-    I just got an e-mail message from our old friend Sally. Tell me what she said. I’m all ears.

6.    Be broke: Be without money.

-    No, I can´t lend you ten pounds. I’m completely broke until payday.

7.    Be on the go: Be very busy (going from one thing or project to another).

-    I’m really tired. I’ve been on the go all week long.

8.    Beats me: I have no idea.

-    What time’s the party? It beats me!!

9.    Bite off more than one can chew: take responsibility for more than one can manage.

-    I’m really behind with my project. I think I bit off more than I could chew!

10.    Blabbermouth: a very talkative person—especially one who says things that should be kept secret.

-    Don’t say anything to Bob unless you want the whole office to know. Bob’s quite a blabbermouth.

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