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Used to + Infinitive… for past actions or habits
POR RRHH Digital, 00:04 - 07 de Abril del 2014

· Phil doesn’t play football much these days, he prefers going to the gym.

· But he used to play football all the time.

· He used to play every day at school and he used to play on weekends as well.

· (He used to play a lot = in the past, BUT not any more)

When something used to happen = this was common in the past, but no longer happens.

· I used to smoke a lot but I gave up. (Stopped) Now I don’t smoke at all.

· Ryan used to go out a lot but now he has a family so he doesn’t go out any more.

We also say “used to” for things that were true but that are not true in the present.

· This shop is now a coffee bar. It used to be a clothes boutique.

· I used to hate mushrooms but now I eat them with everything.

· She used to be a drug addict but she has changed completely since she had help.

· I used to like really loud rock music but now I prefer classical symphonies.

IMPORTANT: You cannot say used to for something in the present tense. A lot of people confuse used to with usually.

So, try something like:

- I usually go to the cinema at the weekends OR

- I normally go to the cinema at the weekends OR

- I watch movies in the evenings quite often.

When asking a question, we use: did (you) use to + infinitive…?

- Did you use to listen to heavy metal music? I can´t believe it!

- Did you use to drive a Ferrari? How exciting!

- Did you use to play the piano when you were a young boy?

- Did you used to smoke a lot? Wow, I never knew!

IMPORTANT: Do not confuse I used to + infinitive with I am used to + gerund. The meanings are completely different!! *

*For example:

· I used to walk to work = in the past but not these days.

· I’m used to walking to work = I walk to work now. I have no problem with this. I have been doing this for some time.

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