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A2 Grammar Bank: ARTICLES
POR RRHH Digital, 00:09 - 23 de Octubre del 2013

Recursos Humanos RRHH Digital At an A2 level you need to be able to use the definite and indefinite articles. Learn the
following rules:

Use of a/an:

This is the singular indefinite article and introduces new information.

• When you refer to a singular countable noun for the first time.
There is a blue car parked there.
I watched a very good film last night.
• With jobs after be and become.
I am a teacher in this Primary School.
I became a lawyer after 5 years studying at the university.

Use of the:

This is the definite article used for plural and singular nouns and introduces given information which is already known by the speakers.

• With singular and plural nouns when the listener and speaker know who
or what is being referred to or when you talk about something again.
The blue car outside our house is hers.
Did you like the film that we watched last night?
• Before a noun when it is a unique reality or there is only one.
The moon is really beautiful tonight.
I travelled around the world last summer.
The Queen of England will visit this hospital.
• Before superlative adjectives.
This is the biggest flat.

I want to do the most interesting task.

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