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Recursos Humanos RRHH Digital In this level, it is essential to know how to make simple questions with the right word
order and auxiliary verb if necessary. To make sure that you questions are correct for a
A2 level, do not forget these rules:
To make a question, you always put the verb before the subject in the following

Yes/no Questions:

• You put the verb before the subject in questions with modal verbs or
the verb be.
Can you speak German?
Should we have a meeting?
Are they waiting for the CEO?
Is this your car?

• When a verb has no auxiliary (affirmative, not modal verb or to be), you
use the auxiliary do in the question, followed by an infinitive without to.
Do you write down the new words in your notebook?
Does he usually drive to the office?
Do they use English at work?
Did you complete the course?

• You put the auxiliary verb before the subject in questions. You put the
rest of the verb after the subject.
Did she come yesterday?
Have you seen this film?
Do you live in Madrid?

WH- Questions:

• When you use a question word (who, what, where, when, how) you put
it first, then an auxiliary verb before the subject.
What do you enjoy from your job?
Who does she like?
What are you doing here?
How long have you been studying English?
When did she arrive?
How often do they make examinations?

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