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B1 GRAMMAR BANK: Present Tenses
POR RRHH Digital, 00:08 - 15 de Octubre del 2013

Recursos Humanos RRHH Digital What knowledge is necessary to have a B1 level when using of the Present Tenses?

Here you have a list to remember:

You use the PRESENT SIMPLE to talk about:

• A general truth, such as a fact or a state.
On Saturdays, a million women come to this shopping mall.
• Something that is regular, such as a routine, custom or habit.
In Madrid, the tourists meet in Puerta del Sol to start their walking tours.
Every Friday we finish work at 15:00.
You use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS to talk about:
• An action which is happening at the moment or an action or state which is

Right now I am trying to park the car.
Today I am sleeping in a Hotel.
I am living in Italy at the moment.

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