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Complaining to your Boss (cont.)
POR RRHH Digital, 01:07 - 09 de Julio del 2013

RRHH Digital

4. Decide what would be the ideal solution
Decide before speaking to your boss some possible solutions and what would be the best solution for not only you but for the company. This way you can suggest things to your boss. It will also help you with tip number one.

5. Appeal to your audience
If you’re speaking to your boss you need to convince him why what you want isn’t only best for you but best for him, for your colleagues and especially for your company. He doesn’t owe you any favors. You must make him see what he can gain.

6. Don’t get sidetracked
Focus on the problem. Don’t speak about unrelated things. Only mention facts, not opinions. Don’t complain about other problems. Have your goals and complaints clear and stay on track.

7. No mixing
If you have more than one matter to discuss with your boss, keep them separate. Don’t mix facts and examples with one problem with facts and examples from another problem. Deal with one thing at a time and once it is solved or concluded, make it very clear that you’re moving on to a new, unrelated complaint.

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