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Did you know that laughter puts the brain into a meditative state?
POR RRHH Digital, 00:44 - 18 de Julio del 2014

This could be a reason to laugh and it also can improve your memory and reduce the effects of stress, according to researchers.

Laughter can help minimize the damage that stress hormones cause.

Stress produces cortisol, a hormone that increases the sugar in blood, suppresses the immune system and can negatively affect memory and learning ability of older people.

At same time it can contribute to several health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

But to combat cortisol humor exists. Laugh or just enjoy a little humor increases the release of endorphins and dopamine in the brain, providing feelings of pleasure and reward.

These positive and beneficial neurochemical changes, in turn, make the immune system work better. Also amplify memory and recall.
Dr. Lee Berk, who also worked on the study, said: "The joyful laughter immediately produces the same frequencies brainwave that people experience in a true state of meditation."

How about this? Without any doubt the best is being always laughing, so be happy.

You can see the article here!

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