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Describing your work
POR RRHH Digital, 00:42 - 13 de Marzo del 2018

First we must differentiate between job and organization, those are related terms but have different meaning.

  • Organization: a group of persons organized for some goal or work.
  • Job: a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation.

Some expressions used to describe your organization:

  1. It’s a large / medium-sized / small business.
  2. It’s a state – owned / private / family company.
  3. We provide… services to the… industry.
  4. We make / sell / distribute… We advise… on…
  5. We do research into… / We work with…
  6. Business is booming / thriving / steady / reasonable / slow / though.
  7. Our main customers are…
  8.  It’s quite relaxed / informal / people-friendly / traditional / formal / dynamic / forward-looking.

Now let’s see some expressions for describing your job:

  1. I work as a junior / middle manager / a trainee / an apprentice.
  2. I work in the sales / purchasing / finance / HR department.
  3. My job involves… -ing.
  4. I’m responsible for… I’m in charge of…
  5. I have to (make sure that)… / I deal with…
  6. There are six of us in the department.
  7. I report to the… manager. / I work with…
  8. It’s a challenging / demanding / rewarding / satisfying / fairly routine / uneventful job.
  9. It’s sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.
  10. It offers very practical training in…
  11. It`s a kind of MBA.

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¿Qué importancia le das a los planes de beneficios a la hora de aceptar un trabajo?
El salario es lo más importante, no me importan los beneficios
Aunque el salario es un factor decisivo, los beneficios sociales pueden ayudarme en la decisión
Por igual, tengo en cuenta tanto el salario como los beneficios sociales
Los beneficios sociales se han convertido en un factor diferencial en la actualidad
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