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A proposal for a corporate event
POR RRHH Digital, 00:02 - 14 de Julio del 2014

Rules for writing a proposal:

1.    Say who the proposal is for, what its subject is and who it is from.
To: The Board of Setco
From: Walter Smith
Re: Customer complaints
2.    Begin with the reason for writing and a summary of the situation / needs.
The Managing Director has recently highlighted inefficiencies in the way that customer complaints are handled. This proposal aims to identify the problem areas and suggest solutions to them.

3.    Divide the proposal into clearly identifiable sections by either numbering each point or by giving it a sub-heading.
•    Problems identified
•    Reasons for these inefficiencies
•    Proposed solutions
•    Advantages and disadvantages of each measure

4.    Finish with a conclusion that is firm but not too directive.
In summary, our advice is that more specific training in complaints handling be given to a few key personnel. Limiting the number of staff who receives the training will keep the cost down.

Wrong Writing Style

Proposal for improvement of the work area

I asked myself three questions when considering how well the present office space works: Is it efficiently used? Is it comfortable and convenient? And is it a motivating place to work in?

The first question seems to have been addressed by the management. The sharing of desks means that little space is wasted and the limited availability of meeting rooms means that consultants arrange outside meetings wherever possible, so saving the firm valuable money.

The answers to the second and third questions are less satisfactory. The desks and space are functional and well equipped, although there are too few meeting rooms. This is especially a problem when people need to have a confidential call or meeting.

The other result of no-one having his / her own space is that there is no possibility to personalize it by putting up photos or pictures. This is demotivating and reduces staff loyalty to the space and therefore the firm.

To solve these issues, I suggest that the office space be converted into semi-open plan. That is to say, partitions are introduced around groups of 3_4 desks so that people can feel more independent and able to decorate their space. To make them more involved, staff should be consulted on color schemes, who they would like to share with, etc. At the same time four or five new meeting rooms can be created.
I hope this is useful.
David Black

Right Writing Style

To: Geoffrey Bindstock
From: Claudia Hermann
Re: Improvements to the work environment

Further to discussions with various employees and an analysis of the use of space in the offices and its compatibility with the work carried out here, I would like to make the following observations and recommendations.


1 The offices are well laid out and although not everyone has his / her own desk, the use of space is very efficient.
2 The open plan office can be noisy and this is distracting when you are making a telephone call.
3 The decoration is quite functional and a bit impersonal, but people are able to do their work perfectly well.


In order to improve this work environment and address these issues, l would like to make the following recommendations:

1 The open plan layout should remain, but the firm should invest in headphones for each telephone so that calls can be taken without distraction.
2 Some consideration should be given to making the space less impersonal and staff should be consulted on how to do this.

The advantages of these measures are that they are inexpensive and involve little disruption to normal business. Please consider these options and do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

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