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Saying ‘no’ Tactfully

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POR RRHH Digital, 00:01 - 09 de Mayo del 2018

If someone asks you to do something, you can say 'no' in a direct way or you can suggest doing something else so that you can be polite.

Each situation has the ideas for a dialogue where B says 'no' to what A is suggesting.

Let's go for a drink
A -(Your idea of an evening out is to go down to the disco and spend the whole evening drinking and dancing, even if it is with a colleague who I not very close)
B - You are very found of pubs, life music and going home early. You are not very comfortable with people you do not know well.
A:     Let’s go out for a drink to celebrate the result of this project? We can take Tom out. I know a great disco just 2 blocks away from the office.
B:     It’s not my idea of a project-end celebration to go out with people I do not know.
A:     But Tom is really friendly. And, anyway, being in a big disco you won’t need to talk to him so much.
B:     That’s another thing. I don’t particularly like big discos. Why don’t we go to a pub instead?
A:    I’d rather stay all night drinking and dancing.
B:    Well, I’m not very keen on dancing and I’d prefer a pub with life music where we can speak and go home around 12:00.

Saying no

A preference

I’m not keen on….

I’d prefer…

I don’t particularly like…

I’d really much rather…

I can’t stand…

I’d rather…

It’s not my idea of…


I’d really rather not…


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