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Did you know that people check their Smartphone 150 times a day?
POR RRHH Digital, 00:01 - 13 de Junio del 2014

Do you have a Smartphone? Perhaps you're reading this post from your smart phone. According to a recent study, those with a smartphone reviewed it every six and a half minutes on average, which in total over the course of a 16 hour day, not counting the hours of sleep, people review it 150 times. Are you included in this group?
Looking at the phone is the first thing that many people do every day as they use the alarm function, and is also the last thing they see.

The phones are used to surf the Internet and read e-mail messages as well as make calls and send text messages. Even people who do not have such a sophisticated phone with basic functions use it dozens of times a day.

According to Mr. Ahonen, considered by Forbes as the most influential voice in mobile technology, people do, avoid or receive 22 calls a day. Send 23 text messages a day, and check the clock 18 times a day.

It is said that the phones are not only used as a tool, they are also used as a status symbol.
What do you think? How many times did you check your phone while reading this post?

You can find the article here.

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