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Phrasal Verbs II (continued)
POR RRHH Digital, 00:05 | 17 de Mayo del 2012
Phrasal Verbs II (continued)

RRHH Digital. 1)    A: Make sure to turn all mobile phones off during the exam, please.
B: No, problem. I ___turned____ mine ___off___ before I came in.

2)    A: How many people do you think showed up for the staff disco?
B: I have no idea, is it worth ____showing up ____ for? (always: worth + gerund)

3)    This is an important project for us so make sure you don´t let me down, OK?
You know you can count on me! I have never ____let_____ you ____down_____before, have I?

4)    I´m really looking forward to getting away for a long weekend.
I know what you’re saying, but I can’t see us being able to ____get away______ until we finish writing this BP.

5)    I think my least favorite sound is definitely my alarm going off.
But could you imagine how many meetings we would miss if the alarm didn’t ___go off_____and wake us up every day?

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¿Crees que existe realmente el síndrome postvacacional?
Si, es una dolencia que algunos sufren
No, es un invento de los vagos
Es una soberana tontería
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